TikTok: What Is the Problem? None to Sillycon Valley Pundits.

June 18, 2021

I remember making a comment in a DarkCyber video about the lack of risk TikTok posed to its users. I think I heard a couple of Sillycon Valley pundits suggest that TikTok is no big deal. Chinese links? Hey, so what. These are short videos. Harmless.

Individuals like this are lost in clouds of unknowing with a dusting of gold and silver naive sparkles.

TikTok Has Started Collecting Your ‘Faceprints’ and ‘Voiceprints.’ Here’s What It Could Do With Them” provides some color for parents whose children are probably tracked, mapped, and imaged:

Recently, TikTok made a change to its U.S. privacy policy,allowing the company to “automatically” collect new types of biometric data, including what it describes as “faceprints” and “voiceprints.” TikTok’s unclear intent, the permanence of the biometric data and potential future uses for it have caused concern 

Well, gee whiz. The write up is pretty good, but there are a couple of uses of these types of data left out of the write up:

  • Cross correlate the images with other data about a minor, young adult, college student, or aging lurker
  • Feed the data into analytic systems so that predictions can be made about the “flexibility” of certain individuals
  • Cluster young people into egg cartons so fellow travelers and their weakness could be exploited for nefarious or really good purposes.

Will the Sillycon Valley real journalists get the message? Maybe if I convert this to a TikTok video.

Stephen E Arnold, June 18, 2021


One Response to “TikTok: What Is the Problem? None to Sillycon Valley Pundits.”

  1. Martin on June 18th, 2021 5:24 am

    It scares me that not one country, government or transnational political organisation has done anything about this. No limits, bans, or fines. No nation-wide warnings. Not even a tiny pamphlet in public libraries warning that if you tolerate this, your children are already the next!

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