A Semi Interesting Comment: The Google and ab Assistive Device or Prop?

July 20, 2021

Big news zipping around. China and Facebook criticized by some in the US government. Another cyber threat intelligence company purchased by a cyber security specialist in order to — wait for it — become more cyber security capable. The Bezos blast. The Delta variant. Spoiled trip for some vacationers looking forward to a safari in Kruger National Park. And, who can overlook, the publicity implosion for a Israeli special services company?

I almost overlooked “Google Uses Its Dominance to Artificially Prop Up Products in New, Unrelated Sectors, Says a Former Senior Exec.” Please, keep in mind that you will have to pay to read this write up on the “real” news site Business Insider. Yikes, a Xoogler explaining that as he cashed paychecks, the outfit writing those checks gnawed at his conscience. Remarkable.

What jumped out at me other than a Xoogler criticizing the estimable Google.

First, the story is easily overlooked in the rush of tech-related news.

Second, the Xoogler who founded a for-fee (no ads yet) search engine allegedly said:

“It is not right for one company to take the massive profits generated in one area to artificially prop up and achieve dominant positions in other completely unrelated areas,” said Ramaswamy.

My hunch is that the Google might take issue with that statement. Opinions are still permitted, but the “real” words spoken by a former Google professional who cashed those Google checks might irritate some at the Google. What do you think?

Third, I found this statement interesting:

Insider approached Google for comment.

I assume that Google either did not get the call or email, didn’t want to respond, or simply did not care. Xooglers are no longer Googlers. When one is not a Googler, one is not a priority. No wonder the comment about “propping up” is not getting traction. I think the word I would suggest if some wizard at Google asked me about the comment is “synergy”; for example, synergy allows Google products and services to cooperatively interact to generate a combined effect greater than the sum of each component’s effect. Not a prop. Intentional synergism. MBAs and accountants understand this basic idea for maximizing return. Props are for theater majors.

Stephen E Arnold, July 20, 2021


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