An Interesting Security Assertion for Apple

July 20, 2021

I noted an interesting assertion in “Pegasus: The New Global Weapon for Silencing Journalists.” Here’s the statement which caught my attention:

The iPhone is not bulletproof against cyberattacks.

I agree. The write up continues: Vendors of specialized software and services have an advantage. Here’s why:

attackers, partly because of their sheer number, will manage to stay a step ahead of the tech giant.

The idea, I think, is that Apple is one outfit. There are more attackers than Apple security wizards. The result? Apple is now playing defense and is in reaction mode.

Is there a fix? Well, sort of:

Patrick Wardle, founder of the Mac security developer Objective-See, in the same report, noted Apple’s “self-assured hubris” on its security features, and the closed system of the iPhone that prevents security researchers from seeing processes running under the hood, could also be factors that cyber-attackers could use for their gain. On Apple’s hubris, Wardle said, for instance, Microsoft would be more open to reports coming from security researchers whereas Apple would be a little more standoffish. Microsoft would more likely say, “‘We’re gonna put our ego aside, and ultimately realize that the security researchers are reporting vulnerabilities that at the end of the day are benefiting our users, because we’re able to patch them.’ I don’t think Apple has that same mindset.”

What an interesting idea! Apple should be more like Microsoft.

Stephen E Arnold, July 20, 2021


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