Google: API Promise, Circa 2021

July 27, 2021

If you are not familiar with “Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1),” it is worth a look. You will notice that there is a table of contents to:

An industrious online search wizard can locate other APIs consigned to the Google bit bin; for example, Transformics’ contributions and the much-loved Orkut (loved at least by some innovating individuals in Brazil and a handful of lawyers).

Fresh from this walk down API Memory Lane, navigate to “How Google Cloud Plans to Kill Its ‘Killed By Google’ Reputation.” The write up reports:

Under the new Google Enterprise APIs policy, the company is making a promise that its services will remain available and stable far into the future….The announcement is clear recognition of widespread feedback from Google Cloud customers and outright derision in several corners of the internet regarding Google’s historic reputation for ending support for its APIs without sufficient notice or foresight. The canonical example was probably the company’s decision to shutter Google Reader in 2013 with just a couple of months’ notice, which led to a torrent of criticism that persists today.

Google doesn’t want to leave any customer behind. How did that type of assertion work out for “No Child Left Behind”?

The “new” Google wants to be the “real” Google. That’s going to be a hill to climb with the Bezos bulldozer reworking the cloud landscape and Microsoft (the all time champion of great security) leveraging the brilliant individuals trying to use Excel and Word.

Yasmine El Rashidi allegedly said:

When you have a dream and someone makes promises they keep breaking, it is hard to recover. You lose hope.

What’s this mean for the ad supported Google? Will you promise to give a honest answer and provide factual back up? Yikes, your proof was in disappeared photos on a deprecated Google service. Thus, whatever you wish to say is meaningless at this time. Maybe there is a copy on Google’s never forget subsystem?

Stephen E Arnold, July 27, 2021


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