Office 365: A Petri Dish for Malware?

October 18, 2021

Microsoft has a PR problem? Microsoft may have other issues as well, but “Infosec Expert Beaumont Slams Microsoft Over Hosting Malware for Years” seems like a semi-negative write up. Is the situation as dire as the article suggests? I don’t know, but it seems as if it is not what you would call:

  1. A ringing endorsement for Microsoft security
  2. An illustration of Microsoft’s approach to Office 365

The write up asserts:

An overwhelming majority of ransomware attacks only Windows, with an analysis by staff of the Google-owned VirusTotal database last Thursday showing that 95% of 80 million samples analysed — all the way back to January 2020 — were aimed at Windows.

How has Microsoft responded? The write up quotes infosec expert Beaumont as saying:

Before the train of MS employees arrive saying ‘just report it’, try getting them and future ones taken down yourselves. I did. It was a disaster.

The write up, which is a mish mash of quotes and tweets, contains a number of interesting allegedly true factoids.

True? Maybe. Not-so-great PR for the company that follows China’s content guidelines? Sure seems like it.

Stephen E Arnold, October 18, 2021


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