Google Does Waymo Than Online Advertising

October 22, 2021

If Google Waymo smart vehicles are confused, are other components of Google’s smart software system off track as well? That’s a good question, and it is one that those fond of snorkeling may have to do a deep dive to answer.

Confused Waymo Robotaxis Keep Flooding Dead-End Street in San Francisco” reports:

Residents of an otherwise quiet neighborhood in San Francisco have been dealing lately with a very weird affliction: the constant buzzing of several Waymo vehicles crowding a dead-end street. The self-driving taxis are flooding the end of 15th Avenue, appearing rather “confused” as they enter the area ….

San Francisco is an interesting city in which to drive. I am easily confused and when I commuted from Berkeley to San Mateo in Plastic Fantastic County, I would end up in some fascinating places. The Cow Palace parking lot was memorable after a bit of congestion on the 101 forced people like me to seek an option.

The write up points out:

What we know for sure is that Waymo has been trialing its autonomous vehicles in San Francisco since 2008. But as we’ve seen other instances of Alphabet’s robotaxis freaking out, the situation begs the question, what’s going on?

Yep, beta testing, trying to minimize crashing into things, and giving those safety drivers something to enter into their Waymo app.

How long has the Google been wrestling with smart software for smart vehicles? Not long enough maybe?

Stephen E Arnold, October 22, 2021


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