Smart Software and the Cloud, Google, How Is That Working Out?

February 19, 2022

I read “Google Drive Is Flagging Some MacOS Files for Copyright Violation.” The flagging is using Google’s smart software. The copyright violations concern the outfit Google pays a billion or so each year to make Google search the right choice for iPhone users. Yep, the right choice because Google has smart software. Smart software can connect to automated systems which send legal sounding letter which threaten fines and more to alleged offenders.

The write up states:

A disgruntled Reddit user recently reported that a ‘.DS_Store’ file on their Google Drive was flagged by the search giant for violating its copyright infringement policy. Apparently, this isn’t the first time this issue has been encountered as MacOS users also reported experiencing similar problems last month.

This is a small sample and the flagging may have been just some fantasy moment in the metaverse.

I noted this follow on statement:

A similar incident occurred recently when Google Drive accidentally flagged almost empty files containing just a few numbers for violating the company’s copyright infringement files.

Are violators able to call a Googley humanoid to provide input? Sure. Plus Google is working on a fix. A job for an intern? Maybe.

Stephen E Arnold, February 19, 2022


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