Oracle Enters the Classified Cloud Arena

March 4, 2022

Oracle is keeping secrets—those of the Air Force, to be specific. Nextgov reports, “Oracle’s Cloud Can Now Host Select Top Secret Defense Data.” The sensitive data will reside in a classified Cloud. Reporter Frank Kinkel writes:

“According to the company, Defense Department assessors granted it an authority to operate, or ATO, for secure processing of some of the Air Force’s most sensitive data in what the company calls Oracle National Security Regions. These air-gapped computing regions are connected only to government networks and not to the rest of the internet. … The ATO applies only to Air Force data now, but the company expects to host classified data from other agencies over time through future accreditations. Thus far, only two companies—Amazon Web Services and Microsoft—have achieved the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Impact Level 6 accreditation to host data at all government classification levels, yet Oracle’s latest accreditation continues the competition among several cloud giants that continually vie for important and lucrative Defense Department and intelligence community contracts.”

Gotta love this me-too innovation. Will Oracle reach the coveted Impact Level 6 accreditation? Perhaps. The company’s Glen Dodson touts the firm’s long history working with the DoD and intelligence community and boasts about its data management, analytics, and AI tools. The write-up reminds us that last year, along with AWS, Microsoft, Google, and IBM, Oracle was awarded part of the CIA’s Commercial Cloud Enterprise contract. That seems like a good sign for the company. Movin’ slow. But movin’.

Cynthia Murrell, March 4, 2022


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