AlphaSense Downloads Some Bucks

May 3, 2022

AlphaSense is a market intelligence platform utilized by businesses to extract insights from 10,000 business sources, including SEC filings, news sources, analyst research, and transcripts. AlphaSense prides itself on assisting companies to save time and discover important market information that is translated into profits. Alley Watch details the business platform’s latest round of fundraising: “AlphaSense Raises $180M For Its Market Intelligence And Search Platform For Businesses To Be In The Know.”

The article is an interview with AlphaSense’s CEO Jack Kokko, who stated that the investors in the Series C fundraising were Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Morgan Stanley, AllianceBernstein, Viking Global Investors, City, Cowen Inc., Barclays, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, Bank of America, as well as their past investors. He also highlighted the services AlphaSense offers and what makes it different from its competition:

“AlphaSense is a market intelligence and search platform for businesses. It leverages AI and natural language processing technology to extract relevant insights from an extensive universe of public and private content, including over 10,000 premium business sources. Without AlphaSense, people would lack a reliable way to find the mission-critical information that matters, given how disparate and inaccessible much of it is. We enable professionals to make critical decisions with confidence and speed, improving their business performance and outcomes.”

What appears to make AlphsaSense different is its AI-enabled tech teamed with NLP that locates pertinent information and then delivers it in a user-friendly manner.

Kokko started AlphaSense because when he worked at Morgan Stanley he found the current search technology lacking. He partnered with Rag Neervannan to launch AlphaSense in 2011 to create a platform that would fill a niche. Kokko was proud that during this round of investing many of his clients invested in AlphaSense. With the funding, he plans to invest in product development, expand in new territories and languages, and hire more employees.

Whitney Grace, May 3, 2022


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