Google Can Now Auto Summarize Content With AI: Accurate? Probably Close Enough for Horseshoes

May 26, 2022

Technology has not yet advanced to the point where computers can write decent novels or hold detailed conversations with humans, but AI is getting better at summarizing, translating foreign languages, text to speech, and natural language processing. Google’s I/O 2022 conference was still low-key because it was not in person. Google announced the Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch, but for some, it was not as exciting as the new auto summarization announcement. Android Police details the low-grade but key advancement in: “Auto-Generated Summaries Might Be The Most Important I/0 2022 Announcement.”

Google spent years advancing its AI through machine learning to understand human sentiment, content, and meaning. We see the development of this technology through digital assistants, but when it comes to reading and writing technology is still in the development phase:

“The lineage of Google AI summaries reaches back to the “transformer” model devised by its researchers in 2017, which led to language processing and generation systems like GPT-2 that are capable of self-supervised pre-training. That means much of the early AI training happens without human oversight, so it’s faster and more adaptable than older methods like recurrent neural networks. More recently, Google refined these techniques for the Pegasus text summarization model in 2020.”

Transformers paired with Pegasus provided AI with data in the form of news articles and documents to train it on how to fill in information gaps. It took years to achieve the current model that will debut in Google Docs, but the AI got smarter and smarter with the more data it processed 24/7.

Google wants to use its auto summarization for Google Chat, Google Meet, and other applications. The tool has many uses across Google’s technology domain. However, it is kind of scary imagining Google summarizing everything without checks and balances.

Whitney Grace May 26, 2022


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