FinFisher Videos: How Long Will These Be Available via YouTube?

August 4, 2022

If you are interested in intelware and similar specialized software, you may find the sequence of videos  available at this link interesting. The videos are a decade old, but the basic ideas expressed are applicable today. We spotted this content in Spy News via a Medium post. The visuals in the video compilation are — well — weird. Spy News says:

The videos are for: FinTraining, FinSpy, FinSpy Mobile, FinFly ISP, FinFly LAN, FinFly Web, FinIntrusion Kit (including FinTrack), FinFireWire, and FinUSB.

The jargon in the videos is entertainingly cyber-babble; for example, TrueCrypt container, FinFly, FinIntrusion, etc. An intrepid open source expert may be able to locate other Gamma Group/FinFisher information on the information superhighway. Keep in mind that the procedures in the decade old videos are similar to comparing an electric Ford 150 to a 2011 Ford Ranger.

But why “fin”? Think about sharks near a beach and a GenX or GenY person floating on a rubber raft. The fin is a sign to some that a finny friend is near and might grab lunch.

Stephen E Arnold, August 4, 2022


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