Microsoft: A Better PDF?

August 23, 2022

I am not a fan of the Adobe Trapeze (now known as Acrobat). The dongles, the font handling, and the lack of a function to “destroy document” at a specific date and time convinced me that PDF really meant “poor document format.” That was in 1989 I think. As if the Adobe cross platform document rendering mechanism was not exciting enough, Microsoft decided it could create a better solution. Hey, pair that puppy with Visio, and you have a darned exciting combination.

I read “Microsoft Confirms Problems with Opening XPS Documents in Windows 10 and 11.” The write up states:

Besides the inability to open XPS and OXPS documents in non-English languages, XPS Viewer stops responding and starts hogging CPU and RAM resources until it crashes upon reaching 2.5GB of RAM usage.

The article seems mostly unconcerned with this minor problem.

My view is that it may not make much difference. If an XPS document renders, it might be difficult to print. You know the persistent USB printer thing.

Remarkable and consistent excellence in software engineering. I am not worried. I know that Windows Defender and its off spring are 100 percent rock solid. Don’t you?

Stephen E Arnold, August 23, 2022


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