Looria: Promising Content Processing Method Applied to a Reddit Corpus

September 14, 2022

I have seen a number of me-too product search systems. I burned out on product search after a demonstration of the Endeca wine selector and the SLI Systems’ product search. I thought Google’s Froogle had promise; the GOOG’s Catalog Search was interesting but — well — the PDF thing. There was a flirting with other systems, including the Amazon product search. (Someone told me that this service is A9. Yeah, that’s super but just buy ads and find something vaguely related to what one wants. The margins on ads are slightly better than Kroger’s selling somewhat bland cookies for $4.99 when Walgreen’s (stocked by Kroger) sells the same cookie for $1.00. Nice, right?

I want to point you to Looria, which provides what appears to be a free and maybe demonstration of its technology. The system ingests some Reddit content. The content is parsed, processed, and presented in an interface which combines some Endeca-like categories, text extraction, some analytics, and stuff like a statement about whether a Reddit comment is positive or negative.

There are about a dozen categories in this system (checked today, September 9, 2022). Categories include Pets, Travel, and other “popular” things about which to comment on Reddit without straying into perilous waters or portals of fascination for teenaged youth.

This is worth checking out. The Looria approach has a number of non Reddit use cases. This service looks quite interesting.

Stephen E Arnold, September 14, 2022


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