Meta: The Efflorescence of Zucking

September 19, 2022

Years ago a colleague of mine and I spent a couple of days with Pat Gunkel. Ah, you don’t know him? Depending on whom one asks, he was either an interesting person or a once-in-a-generation genius. I have in front of me a copy of “The Efflorescent World View.” (Want to buy a copy handed to me by Mr. Gunkel? Just write us at benkent2020 at yahoo dot com. It’s a collectible because only a few of Mr. Gunkel’s books are findable in our wonderful, search-tastic online world.) The image below shows what an actual Gunkel book from his office looks like:

gunkel cover 300 pix

I thought about Mr. Gunkel when I read “Meta Shares Plunged 14% This Week, Falling Close to Their Pandemic Low.” Mr. Gunkel’s method involved creating lists. Lots of lists. I think he would have found the challenge of cataloging Mr. Zuck’s impressive achievements; for example:

  • The reference stock plunge
  • Implementing an employee management technique in which employees learn that some of them should not be Zuckers
  • The “make friends with your neighbors in Hawaii” actions
  • The elimination of personal cubes and work spaces in Meta’s offices
  • The renaming of the company to celebrate the billions invested in what eGame developers have been doing for — yeah, how long — for decades
  • Thinking about charging for its unpopular clone of a really popular app. (Genius with a twist of Zuck? Yes!)

But what’s an “efflorescence”? Some may ask. I have a big fat book on the subject. Let me summarize: One might say a gradual flowering. Others might suggest that it represents a culmination.

My hunch is that the year 2022 marks the efflorescence of the Zuckbook, the knock off of TikTok, and the push to make WhatsApp a superapp for good and evil.

The efflorescence of Zucking. Too bad Mr. Gunkel is no longer with us to undertake this project. He was, I must say, very interesting.

Stephen E Arnold, September 19, 2022


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