Amazon: Two Day Delivery? Well, Sort Of?

October 5, 2022

Amazon Prime subscribers love the two-day shipping. When their item does not arrive within time, they get upset because they paid good morning for a service! Removing the Karen spirit from the last sentence, it is understandable that there will be occasional holdups with delivery. If delays continue, then there is something wrong with the pipeline. Vox digs into what is happening with Amazon’s delivery system in: “Some Amazon Prime Customers Say They Don’t Have Two Day Shipping Anymore.”

Former corporate Amazon employee Peter Freese noticed that Amazon delivery times were taking longer than expected in his hometown Omak, Washington. After he read complaints similar to his own online, Freese decided to experiment. He had Amazon packages sent to random residential addresses in all thirty-nine Washington counties. All the orders were branded with Amazon Prime, but lacked the “two-day” or “next-day” shipping option.

Lauren Samaha, an Amazon spokesperson, stated there were no problems with Amazon’s delivery times, but they fluctuate based on mitigating factors. She affirmed the company was not cutting costs nor denying two-day delivery to addresses within the continental US.

Freese, however, discovered that was not true:

“Freese’s analysis goes beyond those semantics, though: What he’s found is that some customers who once had Prime two-day shipping no longer do, even on commonly purchased items. Yet they’re still paying the full Prime membership fees like everyone else.”

Amazon’s warehouse employees work under a tight surveillance ship that keeps going 24/7. According to many former and present workers, the working conditions are exploitative, harmful, and can result in injury. Amazon admitted that they underestimated how many employees they needed to staff their warehouses during the pandemic. Delivery delays also point out that Amazon is not infallible and it is beginning to show cracks.

It would be nice if Amazon admitted its weaknesses, then focused on improving employees’ working conditions. Happy workers means higher productivity.

Whitney Grace, October 5, 2022


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