Stephen E. Arnold

Areas of Expertise

Mr. Arnold’s primary business is the creation of specifications for complex information systems. These specifications are used by the client management team for budgeting and contract purposes.

They are used by providers of hardware, software, and systems as the basis for their detailed cost and implementation proposals. In addition, Mr. Arnold and his associates have specialized several areas of competence:

Mr. Arnold has moved increasingly into roles that require integrating advanced technology into cost reduction and technology assessment and acquisition support for networked information applications.

Professional Background

Mr. Arnold established his own company in 1991. Prior to taking this step he was vice president, electronic business information for Ziff Communications Co. in New York and its electronic publishing unit in Foster City, California.

Prior to joining Ziff in 1989, Mr. Arnold was first a vice president at the Courier-Journal & Louisville Times Co. and later at Bell+Howell’s electronic publishing unit University Microfilms International (which purchased the database operations of the newspaper in 1986).

Prior to joining the newspaper, Mr. Arnold was a consultant and manager at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He worked in the Technology Management Group, reporting directly to the president of the firm’s largest consulting unit.

From 1973 to 1977, Mr. Arnold was manager, marketing information services for Nuclear Utilities Services Corp., then the world’s largest nuclear and environmental engineering firm. Mr. Arnold has more than 20 years’ experience in advanced technology, online information systems, network systems, database publishing, and advanced electronic publishing systems.


Mr. Arnold is the author of five books. The most recent is Publishing on the Internet: A New Medium for a New Millennium. The April 1996 Upside magazine republished the book’s chapter on Internet security as a feature article. Phillips’ Multimedia Monitor reprinted the network publishing chapter in September 1996.

He has authored under contract to Infonortics Ltd., a specialty publishing firm in England: Investing in an information Infrastructure: Japan’s Network Services (1992) and The Information Factory: Japan’s Information and Database Industries (1991).

In early 1994 Mr. Arnold wrote Internet 2000: The Path to the Total Network, which the Financial Times (London) described as “the best book of its type available.” His first book appeared in 1985 as Managing the New Information Products.

Under contract to Déja View Studies, he prepared and delivered a four-hour video tape series Marketing Electronic Information. One of the first video series to discuss Internet marketing, the programs feature information about computer-assisted marketing.

In 1989, he received the Distinguished Lectureship Award from Rutgers University and the American Society for Information Science. He has lectured at the University of Michigan, the University of Illinois, the University of Tennessee, Ryerson Polytechnic (Toronto), and other institutions.

Mr. Arnold is the author of more than 30 professional journal articles, including the ground-breaking essay “Information Manufacturing” published in Database Magazine in 1991. The July/August 1997 Online Magazine features as its cover story, Mr. Arnold’s report on “Vectors of Change: Electronic Information from 1977-2007.”

He holds a B.A. (Summa cum laude) and M.A. degree from Bradley University. He completed work toward his Ph.D. in linguistics at Duquesne University (where he was a Dean’s Fellow) and the University of Illinois.


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