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The AIT team provides a wide range of Web-centric services. If you are contemplating an upgrade to your present Web site or making the jump from traditional marketing to a Web-complemented marketing program, give us a call. We specialize in solving challenging problems associated with Internet, Extranet, and Intranet sites. Below is a snapshot of some of our capabilities, and you can view some examples of our web work here.

Planning Services

We help our clients answer such questions as:

We know that these and other questions are difficult one to ask and to answer to the satisfaction of our clients. Not asking and answering them virtually guarantees that the Web project will be a financial “challenge.” AIT helps our clients avoid unpleasant surprises and making uninformed decisions about Internet technology, integration, and revenues / costs.

Design Services

AIT assigns a team of professionals to work with you in the design and layout of your system. We can help you with site navigation and architecture design, content loading and posting, and appropriate, affordable, technically stable design.

The AIT team complements your staff or takes on the entire project, consulting with a client’s staff in a manner defined by the client. AIT can design production systems so that site updates can be handled by the client’s staff. Alternatively, AIT can provide content and updating services on a scheduled basis.

Representative design services include:

Our team of professionals work closely with our clients to create the site or sites that meet specific needs. AIT can delivering a system that serves your customers and prospects and keeps them coming back.

Custom Software Development

To complement the range of application development services, including planning, design, and implementation services, AIT offers custom programming services to our clients. Our methodologies are schedule-based and event-oriented. They allow AIT project teams to achieve schedule and cost goals, deliver quality Internet-centric applications and systems, and meet our clients’ business needs.

The AIT team can provide integration to your existing systems or create unique features for your Extranet web site. For example, the team can integrate existing client databases, Web-enable existing applications, or provide point-and-click connectivity to legacy mid-range and mainframe systems.

AIT’s services include:

The AIT team can handle most of the technologies in the developer environment. We focus on matching the technology to the client problem, not forcing one technology to fit all of the problems our clients have.

To discuss our Web services and capabilities, contact sa@arnoldit.com


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