Electronic Publishing and Database Services

The Company

Arnold Information Technologies (AIT) specializes in technology assessment and information engineering. Since 1991, AIT has provided services focused on electronic publishing and database technology to a broad spectrum of organizations. AIT provides a comprehensive resource for financial, technical, product development, and business planning services.

The firm has completed projects in Japan, England, France, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States. Most of the professionals on staff or under contract speak English and one other language. Virtually all the professionals working on AIT projects have technical backgrounds and extensive experience in electronic publishing and database development.

Each project gets the full attention of AIT professionals. CLients, therefore, have the guarantee that work is completed on time and within budget. The firm’s pricipal offices are located in Harrod’s Creek, Kentucky, with offices in New York, New York, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and San Carlos, California.

Process and Technology Overview

AIT has developed several proprietary processes to facilitate electronic publishing and databse development. Out techniques combine analytic and procedural techniques that help ensure results. These include:

AIT provides clients with written reports, flow diagrams, software, source code, and other deliverables as required by each project.


Our staff of professionals provides these services:

Computer Facilities

A complete software and system testing facility operates in our principal offices. The core network consists of Windows NT servers; Windows 3.11, 95, and Macintosh clients. Two Internet servers located in New York, New York, provide Internet connectivity.

Representative Projects

Virtually all client work is governed by confidentiality agreements. AIT has conducted more than 50 major projects since its inception in 1991. Several are:


Contact Information

For information and prices:

Stephen E. Arnold
Postal Box 320
Harrod’s Creek, Kentucky 40027, USA
Voice: (502) 228-1966
Facsimile: (502) 228-0548
Electronic mail: sa@arnoldit.com

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