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This page contains a collection of potentially useful information. A list of the information available from this page appears below:

  • ArnoldIT’s free wallpaper. These are images that are available without charge for personal use. Each image contains an embedded digital identifier designed to allow ArnoldIT to determine if an image has been used for commercial purposes.
  • International Search Engine List. Twice a year ArnoldIT updates its list of international search engines. We make an effort to include up-to-date information when the page is editorially reviewed. However, due to the fluid nature of Web indexing, it is likely that you will find dead links or links that point to pages that contain content unrelated to search. We offer this list on an “as is” basis. (Send suggestions, changes, corrections, and additions to )
  • Books. As of August 2005, Stephen E. Arnold has published seven books and monographs. The titles listed are available without charge for site visitors.
  • Video. Stephen Arnold was the lecturer in a series of five videotaps published by Deja Vu Studios in San Mateo, California. These videos are no longer available. The video available on ArnoldIT was part of a Special Libraries Association series on portals. View at your own risk or when you need a soporific.
  • Web Logs. ArnoldIT is involved in two Web log projects. SNT Report covers social network technology, collaboration, and related topics. The second is STM Report, which reports on search and text mining. Both publications are edited by K. Matthew Dames with the editorial assistance of Carol Schwartz, Syracuse University.

Lists No Longer Updated

The lists accessible from these links are no longer updated. ArnoldIT keeps these online for reference.

  • General Search Engines. This list is no longer maintained. ArnoldIT keeps it online for reference purposes.
  • Vertical Search Engines. This list is no longer maintained. Interest in limiting content domains continues at a high level. ArnoldIT keeps this list online for reference purposes.

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