Exalead’s François Bourdoncle Interviewed

February 25, 2008

François Bourdoncle, the engaging founder of Exalead, reveals an important new service now available from Exalead. BAAGZ is a social and semantic system. Mr. Bourdoncle said, “BAAGZ is, for the record, the first social network to allow people to connect because they have shared interests.” BAAGZ is Exalead’s new semantic system.

baagz slplash

Mr. Bourdoncle added, “We are listening to our users, and we believe that the time for simplistic and “naked” search engines is over. Now is the time for full-fledged “search products”, not simplistic “search engines”. Think of the difference between a car’s engine and the car itself. BAAGZ, which some of the alpha testers have seen, was described as “a new form of search-inspired social networking”. Another alpha tester called it “a new form of social networking-inspired search”.

BAAGZ will be released in a public beta this week (February 25, 2005,) You can try this new service at www.baagz.com.

Mr. Bourdoncle continued, “At Exalead, from day one, we focused on multi-threaded, 64-bit architectures from Day One…. Today, Exalead has, I know, the most mature, robust and scalable search software. We make full use of today’s multi-core processors. Our products are also able to adapt automatically to various memory / processor / disk configurations.”

Exalead, based in Paris, is one of the four vendors whose system has been identified in Beyond Search: What to Do When Your Search System Doesn’t Work as a “company to watch.” Exalead has a growing presence in the United States and a technical capability that parallels Google’s.

If you though Paris was only for lovers, you need to expand your
horizons. Paris is a place for new approaches to Web and behind-the-firewall
search technology. My website contains the entire interview with Mr. Bourdoncle.

Stephen Arnold, February 25, 2008


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