Honk is an opt-in HTML newsletter from Stephen E Arnold. The content will include original material which is not published in one of our Web logs. In addition, the Honk editor will select four stories from our information services. These will supplement the information in the original story.

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The newsletter launched on September 3, 2012. We are interested in your comments and suggestions. The newsletter will appear once each month.

The feature article in the newsletter will address subjects which represent a writer’s personal view on an issue; for example, visualization, marketing confusion, and the disruptive nature of open source technology.

The newsletter is free.

You can sign up or send comments to the editor by writing thehonk@yandex.com.

We do ask that the content of the newsletter be handled as a personal communication. Some subscribers have reposted the features and in one instance used the information without attribution.

If you want to reuse a story, please, request permission in writing. Unlike our public information services, the monthly newsletter is not designed for open distribution and reuse.

Stephen E Arnold, September 19, 2012