IN-Q-TEL Investments: 2004-2005

May 31, 2008

I’m delighted with the response to my table and links of IN-Q-TEL’s investments up to 2002. If you want to review this information, click here. In this essay, I want to provide the list of companies receiving funding in the two year period from 2004 to 2005. As one of the people reviewing my list pointed out, there are some companies associated with IN-Q-TEL that do not appear in my table. My source is the publicly-accessible information on the IN-Q-TEL Web site. If you know of an investment that I have omitted, please, use the comments section of this Web log to share your information. I appreciate the numerous suggestions to make the list more useful. There is a limit to what we have time to assemble for a no-cost information resource. Please, tell me what you think would improve the utility of the list. If it’s light weight, then I will consider altering the basic information in the table. The table appears after the jump.

Year Company Comment
2004 @Last Software Acquired by Google in 2006; part of SketchUp
2004 A4Vision Acquired by Bioscrypt in 2007
2004 Basis Technology Fast Search was one license of this company’s foreign language tools
2004 BBN Technologies Voice-to-searchable ASCII
2004 CallMiner Speech analytics
2004 Cambrios
2004 Destineer
2004 Electro Energy Inc.
2004 Fluidigm
2004 iMove
2004 Paratek
2004 Seahawk Biosystems Corp. Research also funded by Naval Research Laboratory
2004 Spotfire Acquired by Tibco in 2007
2004 Visual Sciences Acquired by Omniture in 2007
2005 3VR Security
2005 Cassatt Corporation
2005 Ember Corporation
2005 FMS Advanced Systems Group Visualization tools that supports the standard i2 Analyst’s Notebook
2005 IDELIX Pliable display technology
2005 Network Chemistry Acquired by Aruba Networks in 2007. Parent offers the Paglo search engine
2005 Nextreme Thermal Solutions Energy related
2005 SkyBuilt Power Energy related
2005 Tendril Energy related
2005 Thetus Content processing company profiled in Beyond Search
2005 WiSpry

My high-level analysis of IN-Q-TEL’s interests in this 24 month period is that those responsible for investments stepped outside text and content processing. Renewable energy, display technology, and security investments broadened the portfolio. Google acquired one IN-Q-TEL backed company and makes the drawing technology available as part of the Google Earth and Google Maps services. The CIA, in summary, started to think green; that is, power reduction.

Stephen Arnold, May 31, 2008


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