Devastating Critique of Google

June 30, 2008

Microsoft wizard goes to Google. Quits. Returns to Microsoft. Writes about Googzilla’s bad habits.

In my opinion, this is a must read for anyone wanting to learn that Google is not the Miss America of technology. The author is, if the posting is not a spoof, is Sergey Solyanik, and you can read his essay “Back to Microsoft” at Better hurry. Some of these Xoogler posts can become tough to find after a short period of time.

For me the most interesting statement in the write up was:

It seems like every week 10% of all the features are broken in one or the other browser. And it’s a different 10% every week – the old bugs are getting fixed, the new ones introduced. This across Blogger, Gmail, Google Docs, Maps, and more.

That suggests that the code demonstrates what I call morphing suckiness. The situation arises when intelligent software is not all that smart.

I will let you know if I learn more about this quality problem.

Stephen Arnold, June 30, 2008


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