Google: Artificial Intelligence Activity

September 18, 2008

Google Blogoscoped’s “Google on Artificial Intelligence” provides an interesting compendium of comments about the search king’s smart software. You can read the essay here. The meat of the write up is that the company has had an on going interest in AI or artificial intelligence. Google Blogoscoped references an “internal Google document” published in 2006, which is described here. If you are interested in this subject, you will want to read both of these news items. For me the most interesting point in the blog post was this link to a compendium and quotes. My own research provides a different slant on this topic; namely, the company has had a long interest in finding ways to embed computational intelligence in a wide range of Google operations. The terminology used to describe these innovations does not rely on distinct phrases such as “AI”, “artificial intelligence,” or “machine intelligence.” When Google’s patent documents are searched for common phrases such as these, the result sets are disappointing. Google’s terminology is less direct, using, for example, such terms as “janitors”. Determining the sweep of Google’s use of smart software is a challenging task for some researchers.

Stephen Arnold, September 17, 2008


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