Expert System: Morphing into an Online Advertising Tool Vendor

September 28, 2008

Several years ago, YourAmigo (an Australian search and content processing vendor) shifted from enterprise search to search engine optimization. I stopped following the company because I have zero interest in figuring out how to get traffic to my Web site or my Web log. Now Expert System has rolled out what it calls Cogito Advertiser. A brief write up appeared in when I was in Europe. You can read that article here.

The new service, according to

automatically analyzes Web pages to identify the most relevant topics and extract the main themes included in the text. It classifies content by assigning the category related to the text in real time, based on an optimized taxonomy and high precision. By processing the text, it collects all useful data in an output format structured to be uploaded into a database and directly integrates it with the ad server.

Expert System has some interesting technology.The idea is that software that can “understand” will be able to a better job of key word identification than a human, often fresh out of college with vocabulary flush with “ums”, “ers”, and “you knows”.

You can learn more about the company here. As the financial and competitive pressures mount, I expect other vendors to repackage their technology in an effort to tap into more rapidly growing markets with shorter buying cycles than enterprise search typically merits.

Stephen Arnold, September 28, 2008


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