Google Apps and Microsoft Office

October 19, 2008

Who knows if this is 100 percent accurate? Not me. I read in Slashdot “Ballmer Admits Google Apps Are Biting into MS Office.” You can find the Slashdot story here. The source of the Slashdot story is here. My thought is that there may be some truth in the assertion. My point of view is substantiated by Seattle PI here.

Is collaboration the key difference? I think Google’s support for collaboration was a differentiator, but now there are options, including Microsoft’s Live services. Should Microsoft be worried about Google Apps? Sure, but the larger concern for Microsoft is that Google is bubbling up around and above Google on numerous fronts. These range from the jejune Android to the partners who are figuring out how to hook Google functions into the enterprise to the incrementally better Google Search Appliance. Say what you will about GSA. Google does not have the authorities seizing records at 8 am on a chilly morning. Check out the Slashdot post and share what you think is really happening between the GOOG and Mr. Redmond.

Stephen Arnold, October 19, 2008


3 Responses to “Google Apps and Microsoft Office”

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