Google Monetizes Its Finance Site

November 18, 2008

Google Finance has improved since it appeared two years ago. I like the link to the America Online Relegence service. A reader sent me a link to “Google Begins to Monetize Google Finance… Good or Bad?”. You can read the full text of this story here. The Web log post reports that “the Google Finance site will definitely add much needed revenues to Google, which should help shore up any losses in other divisions hurt by the weak advertising market.” In my opinion, I think Google will monetize more of its services, and I also believe that the company will release some of its “potential energy” to monetize some of its more interesting technology. In my forthcoming Google and Publishing I describe an interesting matching operation that could challenge such online services as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and similar buyer-service provider activities. I don’t think advertising alone can slake Google’s need for revenue. The cost structure is inelastic in my opinion.

Stephen Arnold, November 18, 2008


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