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November 18, 2008

Mary-Joe Foley, author of Microsoft 2.0, wrote “What Does SharePoint in the Cloud Mean?” This is a good Web log post. For me the most important part of the write up is the table that shows what SharePoint in the cloud will deliver. To summarize her post is easy. I would just say, “Not much.” Ms. Foley wrote:

For some users, this stripped-down feature set is no doubt worth the cost savings. Others — who aren’t ready to entrust Microsoft (or any cloud vendor, for that matter) with their data — or who need all the functionality in Exchange, SharePoint, etc., will stick with the software-only versions of these products.

Everyone is quite gentle when talking about SharePoint. Microsoft is a big company and it can be vindictive I suppose. At some point, the SharePoint craze may wane and reality set in. I am not sure when customers will realize that hosted SharePoint delivers only a few functions. On premises SharePoint delivers a steady flow of certified engineers.

Stephen Arnold, November 19, 2008


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