Google Version 2.0 in Research and Markets Catalog

November 19, 2008

The “world’s largest market research resource” is now reselling the 2007 study Google Version 2.0. You can read Research and Markets’ profile of the study, examine a sample of the 250 page report, and review the table of contents here. In the last six months, interest in this analysis of Google’s technology has spiked. If you have an interest in the technical underpinning for some of the services Google has recently launched, you will find this study a useful resource. The information in the study comes from Google open source publications; for example, patent documents and technical papers. In addition to the discussion of the nuts and bolts of Google’s hottest and most suggestive technologies, the book describes the business implications of these technologies. Google does not commercialize its many inventions, but it is important to think about Google’s technical capabilities in a broader context than a purely engineering frame. The information in the study is more germane to today’s Google because the GOOG has been expanding its services and products at an increasingly rapid rate into markets adjacent to core Web search and advertising.

Stephen Arnold, November 2008


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