Google’s Demographic Bet

December 19, 2008

I recall having an email exchange about the revenue Google books for its enterprise business unit. I pointed out that Google, like most big public companies, doesn’t provide detailed breakdowns. Why make life easy for the Wall Street Excel jockeys? Most people don’t pay much attention to Google’s activities in schools, colleges, and universities. The ignorance will be punished when the students who emerge from the hallowed halls and want to use Google, not what their employer wants them to use. To see the strategy in action, read the Washington Post’s “In Their Search for Help, Fairfax Schools Find Google” here. The key comment in the article was this passage:

The Internet giant, with a new presence to bolster its effort to gain government business, said it plans to outfit schools with software to help students learn geography. The deal is one of 300 partnerships the county school system has with businesses, a number the schools would like to increase as the economy sours.

My thought is that there will be quite a few Googlers moving through the educational pipeline. Where’s Apple? Where’s Microsoft? Where’s Yahoo? I see Googzilla. What do you see?

Stephen Arnold, December 19, 2008


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