Microsoft Fast: Stricken from the Mercury News List

December 27, 2008

When I lived in plastic fantastic (that’s Silicon Valley), I enjoyed the computer ads and some of the technical news coverage in the San Jose Mercury News. In flicking through my newreader’s daily treasure trove, I noticed “In Hindsight’s year in Review: Microhoo, Epic Change and an Economy in Crisis” by Frank Michael Russell. Microsoft did get the top billing in this month by month round up of what was important for the northern California region. There was one omission, however. In the month of October 2008, Mr. Russell neglected to mention the police raid at Microsoft Fast’s office in Oslo, Norway. I know that New York has a well deserved reputation for myopia. With Microsoft such a large factor in Mr. Russell’s write up, I was curious why a police action which have a profound impact on the company’s enterprise fortunes was ignored. Oh, now I remember. Folks in northern California don’t pay much attention to Oslo. Gas prices are more significant in the Valley of Heart’s Desire, which I think is a synonym for plastic fantastic. Google rated a couple of mentions. That’s encouraging.

Stephen Arnold, December 27, 2008


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