Googzilla: Subtle No More

January 15, 2009

TechCrunch ran a very interesting article called “Gmail Grew 43 Percent Last Year. AOL Mail And Hotmail Need To Start Worrying” here. The story provides meat on the bone of the headline. I loved the chart showing the GOOG moving on, keeping on. After reading this article, you will want to pop over to this official Google page and read about the GOOG’s utility to migrate Web logs from one service to another. Like Gmail, the migration tool will wow the Python heads and leave others cold. Over time, the migration tool will probably get some tweaks and then one day, the GOOG is the big dog in the blog house. Competitors who ignore Google’s emulation of American revolutionaries in buckskins will find themselves on the wrong end of the bayonet. The tactics are explained in more detail here.

Stephen Arnold, January 15, 2009


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