YouTube: Squeezing More Money

January 21, 2009

Peter Kafka’s “Google Tries Squeezing More Money Out of YouTube” here is a good example of looking at through glasses provided by Google. The story explains that Google wants to “get serious” and make more than a money pit. The story runs down the various Google actions and points out that a “$99 box set” offer that is an ad variant “looks like a pretty good deal, actually”. You get some links and then the paragraph that I found most interesting:

You can argue that the company needs to do that because its core business is slowing or because the economy is pummeling the company just as it is everyone else. But expect to see many more tweaks like this in the future: Perhaps we’ll hear more about them tomorrow afternoon, when the company announces its fourth-quarter results.

There’s only one thing missing in this story. A run down of the monetization options that Google has been working on for more than a year. What are these options? Well, the money making tricks for and some other Google services are somewhat more far reaching than those referenced in this write up. To get the details, you can plough through Google’s open source documents or you can snag a copy of my new Google study in a couple of months. is no money pit if some of Google’s revenue generating methods kick in before the economy slumps even more than the mighty Google can withstand.

Stephen Arnold, January 21, 2009


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