Amidst Google Tracking Email Gets lost

February 4, 2009

As pundits talk about Google’s mobile locator service here, no one raises larger questions about surveillance. As important to me is the possible shift in Google’s posture to Yahoo Mail. Consider “Google Quietly Declares Email War on Yahoo” here. In my opinion, Goggle has kept a distance from Yahoo. If this Reuters story is correct, the game has changed. With a truck load of new features, Yahoo and other online mail services are at risk, For me the most important comment in the story was:

“They’re able to improve the products much faster than anyone else,” said Forrester Research analyst Ted Schadler.

Peed, scope, and agility mean that Google has taken the tip off its fencing sword and is using a rapier. Oh, the search works in GMail.

Stephen Arnold, February 4, 2009


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