Google Squeezes into Mobile Books

February 6, 2009

Before noon, the ebook publishers were looking forward to the weekend. Sure, Friday was an office day, but in the new America, not too many people grind out an 18 hour day on Friday. Well, maybe some blue chip consultant fodder and Type A attorneys with a client who has deep pockets. But for the ebook crowd, Thursday is a run up to the TGIF cheer.

But at 11 56 Eastern time on February 5, 2009, ebook boffins got a surprise. The Google delivered 1.5 million books “in your pocket”. You can read Viresh Ratnakar’s and his colleagues’ chatty little blog post here. I not going to trouble you with the implications of this announcement.

You can surf the waves of Web log posts, pundit analyses and boffin bombast elsewhere. Just point your mobile browser to I wonder is the “m” stands for mayhem. Any thoughts? Oh, if I have any ebook executives among my three or four readers. Sorry about your run up to the weekend. Bummer.

Stephen Arnold, February 6, 2009


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