Upgrades to ArnoldIT.com’s Google Patent Collection

February 9, 2009

I have made an effort to gather Google’s patent documents filed at the US Patent & Trademark Office. When The Google Legacy came out in 2005, I posted some of the Google patent documents referenced in that study. When Google Version 2.0 was published in 2007, I made available to those who purchased that study, a link to the patent documents referenced in that monograph. These Google studies were based on my reading of Google’s open source technical information. Most of the Google books now available steer clear of Google’s systems and methods. My writings are intended for specialist readers, not the consumer audience.

You can now search the full text of Google’s patent documents from 1998 to 2008 by navigating to http://arnoldit.perfectsearchcorp.com. The Perfect Search engineers have indexed the XHTML versions of the documents which have been available on the ArnoldIT.com server. ArnoldIT.com has provided pointers so that a user can click on a link and access the PDF version of Google’s patent applications and patents. No more hunting for a specific patent document PDF using weird and arcane commands. Just click and you can view or download the PDF of a Google patent document. The service is free.

The ArnoldIT.com team has made an attempt to collect most Google patent documents, but there are a number of patent documents referenced in various Google documents that remain elusive. Keep in mind that the information is open source, and I am providing it as a partial step in a user’s journey to understand some aspects of Google. If you are an attorney, you should use the USPTO service or a commercial service from Westlaw or LexisNexis. Those organizations often assert comprehensiveness, accuracy, and a sensitivity to the nuances of legal documents. I am providing a collection that supports my research.

Google is now a decade old, and there is considerable confusion among those who use and analyze Google with regard to the company’s technology. Google provides a patent search service here. But I find it difficult to use, and in some cases, certain documents seem to be hard for me to find.

I hope that Googlers who are quick to tell me that I am writing about Google technology that Google does not possess will be able to use this collection to find Google’s own documents. I have learned that trophy generation Googlers don’t read some of their employer’s open source documents, government filings, and technical papers.

Perfect Search Corp. is the first company to step forward and agree to index these public domain documents. You will find that the Perfect Search system is very fast, and you can easily pinpoint certain Google patent documents in a fraction of the time required when you use Google’s own service or the USPTO’s sluggish and user hostile system.

“The Google Patent Demonstration illustrates the versatility of the Perfect Search system. Response time is fast, precision and recall are excellent, and access to Google’s inventions is painless,” Tim Stay, CEO of Perfect Search, said.

Perfect Search’s software uses semantic technology and allows clients to index and search massive data sets with near real-time incremental indexing at high speeds without latency. It is meant to augment the Google Search Appliance.
Perfect Search technology, explained in depth at http://www.perfectsearchcorp.com/technology-benefits, provides a very economical single-server solution for customers to index files and documents and can add the capability of indexing large amounts of database information as well.

Perfect Search is a software innovation company that specializes in development of search solutions. A total of eight patents have been applied for around the developing technology. The suite of search products at http://www.perfectsearchcorp.com/our-products is available on multiple platforms, from small mobile devices, to single servers, to large server farms. For more information visit http://www.perfectsearchcorp.com/, call +1.801.437.1100 or e-mailinfo@perfectsearchcorp.com.

In the future, I would like to make this collection available to other search and content processing companies. The goal would be to allow users to be able to dig into some of Google’s inventions and learn about the various search systems. Head-to-head comparisons are very useful, but very few organizations in my experience take the time to prepare a test corpus and then use different systems to determine which is more appropriate for a particular application.

If you have suggestions for this service, use the comments section for this Web log.

Stephen Arnold, February 9, 2009


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