Tips for the Traffic Starved

February 21, 2009

Goodness, the SEO inputs keep on keepin’ on. If you are hungry for traffic, Xponex Media Blog has pulled 10 positive factors in Google’s relevance algorithm. You can find a list of about 100 factors in The Google Legacy (2005) which I assembled from Google’s open source information and other open sources. But my monograph costs money, and Xponex list of 10 factors is free and in an SEO blog, not in a monograph chuck full of polysyllabic words, tables, and diagrams.  You can find the article here. I don’t want to reproduce the 10 factors, but I can mention three and offer a comment:

  • Use your keyword (index term) in the body copy of the Web page. That makes sense. If one writes about Tennessee walkers, it’s a useful tactic in indexing to use the term “horse” as one of the tags.
  • Use your keyword in a headline. That makes sense. In writing about horse shows, putting the phrase “horse show” in a headline allows a human to scan a document quickly.
  • Use your keywords in the indexing field (metatag). That makes sense.

Bottomline: the secret of getting a better PageRank: basic indexing know how and commonsense. And for this SEO wonks charge money?

Stephen Arnold, February 21, 2009


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