Googler Allegedly Says, Aloha, Suckers

February 24, 2009

Dead tree outfits and high tech are not like peanut butter and jelly. I don’t know if this interesting item that was published in the Los Angeles Times’s Web log here is accurate. Nevertheless, I find it suggestive of the changing attitude of some big time news outfits toward Google and, if it is true, of the dissension or dissatisfaction that seems to be more evident within and around the Google halo. The headline is a catchy “Googler Goodbye E-Mail: So Long, Suckers. I’m Out”. For me, the most interesting comment in Jason Shugars’ e-mail, if true, was this comment reported by the LA Times:

But Jason Shugars worked at Google, whose off-center corporate culture is more forgiving than that of your average buttoned-down investment bank. In the rest of his goodbye, Shugars, a senior sales compliance specialist, reminisced about workplace moments that included putting cake down his pants at a sales conference, stealing a boss’ $8,000 leather couch and singing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” in a miniskirt and braids.

I quite liked the cake down the pants, but on reflection the cross dressing riff was most memorable. The LA Times’s article concluded: “There are, quite simply, no rules.” Not too reassuring for enterprise software procurement teams in my opinion.

Stephen Arnold, February 24, 2009


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