Live Search Changes Round Up

March 2, 2009

The consumer search sector is moribund. Google’s dominance of Web search is old news. Also in the old news category are changes at and Microsoft’s Live Search. I commented about the frames initiative here. You can find a useful round up of what is new and what seems to be in the pipeline for Live Search, Microsoft’s Google killer, here. includes links and screenshots. Twitter’s usefulness was evident because information about the upgrade seems to have appeared as a tweet before old media like blogs snagged the story. Real time search is the big news, and I think that’s where the Web indexing war is going to shift. My hunch is that,, Live Search, and Yahoo may find themselves in a bit of a bind unless these companies can shift into gear in this sector. Rebranding and pulling “me too” rabbits from the Web search hat won’t hold the audience. I have no opinion about names changes, fonts in blue and green, and other enhancements. Real time search has to be front and center. If it is, I will take a closer look. If it isn’t, I think the Web search giants may find themselves facing another and potentially more serious challenge. How do I know, itself points out that it will “be paying close attention to the #MVP09 hashtag”. So much for the ageing, Google-style Web search for the hot stuff.

Stephen Arnold, March 2, 2009


One Response to “Live Search Changes Round Up”

  1. Flannel on March 2nd, 2009 8:51 am

    The search history is a great feature. So many times while researching a topic I change what is in the search box to try and get a different spin on the results only to go back to my original search. Since I often paste the search message in from a code error I am getting this new method works great and saves a lot of time.

    Nice Microsoft, nice.

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