Google: Win One, Lose One

March 3, 2009

Mixed day for the GOOG. The Obama White House shifted the president’s Saturday “radio” address to from The Register’s take is here. The reason? Privacy concerns. My sources suggest that there were little voices whispering about Google, and these voices were heard. “Little voices” in Washington, DC influence quite a lot of politics.

On the bright side, TGDaily reported that “Google Rules Mobile Search.” You can read the story here. The data come from Net Applications, even though the url is for The key data which we don’t know much about were:

In February [209], Google handled 97.5% of all searches conducted via mobile devices. Yahoo handled just 2.03% of all mobile searches, followed by Ask (0.21%) and MSN, AltaVista and AOL, each with miniscule numbers.

AltaVista. Now that’s a surprise to me.

Christian Zibreg suggested that Microsoft’s deal with Verizon might have an impact on Google’s market share. I have heard this line of reasoning before. Let the data do the talking. Google has been quite successful in search, and there is little information that suggests it will muff the bunny in mobile search at this time. But, who knows?

Stephen Arnold, March 3, 2009


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