FAT32: Search May Be in the Line of Fire

March 6, 2009

A very important article by Jason Perlow here should be read by those looking at various types of search systems. No cause for alarm at this point, but I think it is useful to understand how a low profile legal matter could gain some huff and puff. “Microsoft: Litigate on FAT and You’ll Be the Next Unisys” does an excellent job of explaining some of the issues associated with software patents. From the GIF wars to the present day, Mr. Perlow makes it clear that in the legal system, a decision can have unexpected consequences. FAT32 support is ubiquitous which means a legal decision in favor of Microsoft could ripple through a number of software sectors, including search. The Unisys reference is a reminder that once excellent companies can make questionable decisions.

Stephen Arnold, March 6, 2009


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