Searching Twitter

March 9, 2009

At dinner on Saturday night, the conversation turned to Twitter. One of the guests asks, “Why would I want to use Twitter?” Another asked, “What’s it good for?” I listened. I will forward to each person in the dinner party Chris Allison’s “Welcome to the Hive Mind: Learn How to Search Twitter” here. Mr. Allison does a good job of documenting Twitter’s real time search system. If you too are baffled by Twitter, read the article and give Twitter a whirl. Join the growing number of intelligence and law enforcement and business intelligence  professionals who are also learning about real time search. Note: most of the information in a Tweet is inconsequential. Aggregated, the micro blog posts are useful.

Stephen Arnold, March 9, 2009


One Response to “Searching Twitter”

  1. Felix on March 10th, 2009 3:45 am

    Thanks for the Tip Stephen, funny enough I have also just blogged about twitter search and the interesting potential it has as a great productivity tool!

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