Microsoft and Search Anxiety Disorder

March 10, 2009

In an article titled “OK. We Get it. Microsoft Wants a Search Deal with Yahoo” here, I noticed a slight shift in Microsoft’s impact on the author, Sam Diaz. For me the most interesting item in the write up was the lead paragraph; to wit:

Is it just me or does it feel like Microsoft is starting to sound – quite frankly – a bit desperate for a search deal with Yahoo?

Microsoft has been plugging away with Web search for years. Microsoft has bought companies like Fast Search & Transfer and Powerset. Microsoft has funded innovative search development. MIcrosoft has marketed its heart out. To what end? Google not only dominates in Web search, Google delights in making modest moves, content to sit back and watch the $65 billion giant in Redmond respond with bold, expensive, and so far ineffectual moves.

Professional journalists and consultants have largely avoided the direct, trenchant analyses that I offer in my seminars and addled goose postings. “Desperate” is a strong word. In my opinion, the word is not spot on. Google may be moving to the end game in Web search, poised to unleash its programmable search engine on a broader scale and then make available its even more interesting dataspace technology.

Is the coverage of Microsoft about to change?

Stephen Arnold, March 10, 2009


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