Google: More Legal Pressure

March 19, 2009

Google is creating some work for attorneys. TechDirt here has a useful write up called “UK Recording Industry: Investigate Google for Not Giving Us Money”. Google has money; therefore, Google is a juicy target. That’s too bad, but I think the company will face continuing legal hassles. For me, the most important comment in the write up was:

At some point, perhaps, it will dawn on Sharkey, Billy Bragg and others in the UK music business that, in their demand to get “paid” tons of money for everything, they’ve forgotten that the music is only one part of the value proposition — and the community and platform that YouTube provides is another big part of it. The very fact that they want their videos back up shows they recognize this fact implicitly, even if they’re going through massive cognitive dissonance in somehow lashing out at Google for making that point clear.

Stay tuned. No pun intended.

Stephen Arnold, March 19, 2009


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