Microsoft Tom Tom

March 20, 2009

Tom Tom is not rolling over. Microsoft wants to choke off what it seems to see as improper use of its FAT32 innovations. I don’t think Microsoft is advancing on Tom Tom. I think the Tom Tom action is a probe prior to deciding what to do on a far bigger front. You can read “TomTom Fires Back at Microsoft with Lawsuit over Streets & Trips” here to see how messy litigation becomes. The matter is now one involving not guns and butter but patents and baloney. Take a moment to read some patents. Check out the claims. Do you know what the invention does? I have to read these stylized documents multiple times to get a sense of what the heck has been “invented”. My view is that Microsoft wants to make a point about companies who choose not to use Microsoft software, systems, and methods without Microsoft’s blessing. When it comes to search, I see the Tom Tom action as a flash of lightning against the distant horizon. The storm may be arriving quickly. Will the Tom Tom gambit work? Who knows? Where legal processes operate, mere mortals can only speculate.

Stephen Arnold, March 20, 2009


One Response to “Microsoft Tom Tom”

  1. jean wikinson on July 20th, 2009 9:26 am

    i have an idea that would make all other navigational tools bubbles in a wave. i’ve contacted some invention developement services but quite frankly can’t afford them. so i am trying to develope it myself but i need a software engineer. since i have no money i would sell my idea very cheap and be very happy. i am not a crazy person, this is a very lucrative product and it requires only downloadable software. i am a very poor person but i would pay around 300 bucks for one of these if it existed today, which it does not, at least not that i can find. i tried to call microsoft corp and got shot down, figures i guess. this is a good one though, it’s just a matter of time….please forgive my lack of proper grammer i’m in a hurry. thanks for reading anyway, jean

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