Social Media: Money Flowing

March 24, 2009

A happy quack to the reader who sent me a link to this Mashable story, “Social Media Marketing Budgets on the Rise.” At a time when budgets are under significant pressure, Mashable presented some data from a consulting firm that had some good news about social media; that is, wikis, blogs, video, etc. The most interesting comment in the Mashable write up was this segment:

According to a new study released by Aberdeen Group…, 63 percent of companies plan to increase their social media marketing budgets in 2009, despite the current weakness in the economy. Digging deeper into the numbers, 21 percent of those surveyed plan to increase social media spending by 25 percent or more, while a mere 3 percent plan to shrink their budgets (34 percent responded “no change”).

Mashable includes a nifty and useful chart as well.

Stephen Arnold, March 24, 2009


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