OneRiot Twitter News Search

April 3, 2009

Chris Snyder’s “OneRiot Launches Twitter-Powered News Search” struck me as a good write up about an interesting new service. Mr. Snyder wrote:

Unlike Google, which uses page rank and authority to display top results, OneRiot displays the most recent links Tweeted first. The results are updated constantly. Below each linked article, you can see who found it first and how many people have Tweeted it since. Users can also jump in and participate in the conversations.

He includes quite a bit of useful information. I want to fiddle with OneRiot. I have several tools to monitor the Twitterverse, and I am pleased with the results I am able to obtain. I ran a number of queries. Some defaulted to Web search results. I hit a home run with a query for food stamps:

food stamps

You can try out the service here.

Stephen Arnold, April 3, 2009


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