Google and Its Facebook Twitter Challenge

May 16, 2009

Mark Cuban’s “How Twitter and Facebook Now Compete with Google” here provides a preview of what will be thousands of Web log posts. The high-profile Blog Maverick caught my attention when he predicted that would be a problem for Google. Right now, he seems more correct than some of the azure chip consultants who comment about things Google. Now he’s trained his intellect on the social microblogging phenoms Facebook and Twitter. He wrote:

From a business perspective, I’m sure I’m not alone in getting more referrals from Twitter than Google Search. That’s money in the bank for Twitter and FB for commercial accounts. There is no reason why a big or small company, say Charmim selling toilet paper,  cant set up a twitter account and do whatever marketing they can to build the largest number of followers possible.  From there,  Twitter could  charge them on a cost per referral click originating from  their followers. As long as they cost per click is lower than competing options, why wouldn’t they do it ? Things change. We are seeing  a change in our referral logs right now. That could translate into systemic change in user behavior and business opportunity.

My hunch is that he is more than half right. With the half life of technology decreasing, today’s giant may be tomorrow’s leaden mass. Google’s huge lead in Web search becomes a less interesting variant of Pb; that is, lead feet.

Stephen Arnold, May 16, 2009


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