SirsiDynix Search Plus Discovery for Libraries

May 24, 2009

Brainware landed a deal to provide search and discovery to SirsiDynix. After a bit of poking around, I learned that SirsiDynix wanted to move beyond key word search and provide users of its library systems with discovery functions. “Discovery”, as used in this sense, refers to giving a person looking for information easy-to-use methods to look for related information and suggested information also germane to the user’s query. Endeca hooked up with Ebsco to provide “guided navigation” to Ebsco customers. Most online public access catalogs and library-centric search systems match the users’ query terms or force the user to search by entering an author’s name. Change, at long last, seems to be coming to the library for search of an institution’s textual information. I wrote about some of the Brainware system’s capabilities in my 2008 study “Beyond Search” for the Gilbane Group here. I also did a short write up about Brainware in this Web log in early 2008 here.

A reader alerted me to an announcement here that SirsiDynix will roll out an enhanced enterprise search and discovery system to over 30 libraries. You can read that announcement here. The system includes such features as:

  • Trigram analysis, or “fuzzy logic” which evaluates each trigram in a word to allow for typos, diacritics and more: a first in the library search and discovery market
  • “Did you mean” suggestions which are based on terms in the catalog (rather than a generic third-party dictionary)
  • Dynamic search suggestions
  • Delivery of saved searches through an RSS web feed
  • Email and print options for search results
  • Built-in “Library Favorites”
  • The capability for libraries to define their own “Favorites”, profiles, languages and filters.

You can test the Brainware power “enterprise” service at the Wells County Public Library here.

The library market has been under severe price competition. This information sector is coming under more and more pressure from Google. The world’s largest search provider has been slowly expanding its services, including the controversial Google Books’ program. So far, specialized vendors of library information systems have been able to maintain the grip in today’s slippery economic one lane highway. The impact of Google on this market will be interesting to observe.

Stephen Arnold, May 24, 2009


2 Responses to “SirsiDynix Search Plus Discovery for Libraries”

  1. Norah on May 24th, 2009 7:35 pm

    Brainware is owned by the same people who own Sirsidynix, fyi

  2. go figure on October 27th, 2009 7:42 pm

    link to sirsidynix software is dead. go figure

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