A Surprising Ripple for Wave in the SharePoint Ocean

May 31, 2009

Information Week published an interesting article about Google Wave. You will want to read Thomas Claburn’s informed essay “Google Wave May Challenge Microsoft SharePoint” here. Unlike the gushing at the nerd-centric Web logs, Mr. Claburn steps back and points out that Google Wave is a not exactly the consumer thrill ride that those receiving free HTC Android 1.5 G2 mobile devices cheered.

Mr. Claburn wrote:

Wave also has the potential to blunt the success of Microsoft’s SharePoint. While Google isn’t positioning Wave as a SharePoint competitor, Gundotra at a press conference following the Wave demonstration highlighted Wave’s openness as something lacking in SharePoint. Within a year or two, businesses considering SharePoint but worried about vendor lock-in may have an attractive lightweight alternative.

Wave is a demo, not a product or platform as I write this. If Mr. Claburn is right, Microsoft may have to shift its attention from one more suicide run at Google’s Web search bunker and shore up its defenses in its SharePoint stronghold.

Stephen Arnold, May 31, 2009


6 Responses to “A Surprising Ripple for Wave in the SharePoint Ocean”

  1. Oleg Shilovitsky on May 31st, 2009 4:22 am

    In my view, the core concept of SharePoint is flat list /folders. They are powerful shared Excel-like chunks of information. Wave is going to provide collaboration threads. I don’t think this is “apple to apple” comparison, but can imaging similarity in how to share information.

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  3. SharePoint_Consultant on June 2nd, 2009 9:23 am

    Wave has a significant distance to travel before it is considered as serious competition to SharePoint.

  4. Sushant on June 3rd, 2009 11:01 pm

    I liked what I saw in Google wave…the freshness, the openness, integration, real time responses and blah blah
    I’ll grab it with both ends……..most of us may agree on that.
    But…..and thats a big one, Will a CTO of a big company gonna have same wavelength as mine. I am sure the answer is no. Ofcourse there may be exceptions but Google wave looks like iGoogle’s new avataar.
    Enterprise Portals arena are different from Web Portals. Enterprise world loves a mix of soft and hard rock with a tilt towards softer side. Some flexibility and more control. Though Sharepoint has been lapped up by everyone for its super – easy GUI which later becomes the headache. Story with almost everyone who don’t implement it without proper planning and governance.
    I have a strong feeling that Google wave will face similar issues if implemented at an Enterprise level.
    For individuals who want to have a blast- “Go ahead!! surf on the Google Wave”

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